The story of GypsyCat is quite a glorious story, we begin it with his mother, Buffy.
Unfortunately we do not have any known pictures of his father however, sightings of possible fathers have been reported.
Some might say he was even born of a virgin birth and therefore making him sort of God, allegedly.

Above: Mother, Buffstor aka Buffy, she is very small kitten in these photos and had no idea of the path ahead.

Sudden time leap, Buffy is suddenly very pregnant.

She's full o' cats, that's the issue.

Ewwww, slime kittens.
They suddenly latch on to the Buffstor for a drinkski.

Here GypsyCat is very small, frolicing around next to some sort of human foot.


Here is Muggle.
Hi Muggle!

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