12th April 2009
Added new MSN icons

30th September 2008
Added GypsyCat Chronicles Vol. 6 & 7

25th September 2008
Minor changes to layout.
Added random thought bubble.

23rd September 2008
Added MSN icons

13th September 2008
Added GypsyCat wallpaper

7th September 2008
Site renamed to
"The secret world of Gypsy Cat"

2nd November 2007
Changed layout partially.
Added new pictures.

12th May 2007
Added new video's

15th March 2007
Added picture's page 5

12th March 2007

Tweaked images layout
Added 2 new video links

12th Feb 2007
Added video's

31st Jan 2007
Added some pics

19th Jan 2007
Site begin

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